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clitoridectomy photos

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The main three are Type I, removal of the clitoral hood, almost invariably accompanied by removal of the clitoris itself (clitoridectomy); Type II, removal of the clitoris .

Definition of Clitoridectomy with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information.

Hands Off Clitoridectomy.

clitoridectomy photos

What our revulsion reveals about ourselves. Yael Tamir . National Geographic runs cover photos of women and men who have undergone such .


Photo taken at the British Museum, London, June 1970 This photo was taken in June 1970

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noun, plural -mies. the excision of the clitoris, usually performed as part of female initiation rites, mainly among certain African peoples, but also sometimes used .

clitoridectomy clitorides: clitoriditis clitoris clitoris clitorises clitorism . Definition of Clitoritis with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage .

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Clitoridectomy. Discussion about Clitoridectomy. Ecyclopedia or dictionary article about Clitoridectomy.

Other terms used to describe Type I procedures include circumcision, ritualistic circumcision, sunna, clitoridectomy. Type II : Excision of the clitoris with partial or .

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In that regard, you, the viewer may feel completely assured that the pre and post-operative photos (before and after photos) have been certified by this .

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The form most common of feminine circuncision in Africa is the clitoridectomy photos clitoridectomy that is . photos; polls; singles; invite friends; shares; daily deals; GROUPS; groups home; create a group

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Clitoridectomy is the surgical removal of the clitoris. It is rarely needed as a therapeutic medical
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